The Power of Grace - Book


What is more important - faith or grace? Both are major subjects in the Bible. The King James Bible used the word faith 336 times, while grace has 160 references and 19 different meanings. Keith Butler' book, The Power of Grace-Grace is Your Superpower! Activate it!, answers some vital questions for today's Christians.

  • Is faith more important than grace?
  • Does grace overshadow other biblical concepts since we now live in the Age of Grace?
  • Since we live under grace, does that mean we never have to repent of sin?
  • Does grace automatically wipe away sins as we commit them
  • Is grace a concept, a premise, or could it be a Person? Can we increase in grace or is it always static?
As the old hymn reminds us, grace is amazing. When the early church experienced the great grace of God, every sickness was healed and every bill was paid. We can do it again when we understand and cooperate with God's amazing grace!
    • Author: Bishop Keith A. Butler
    • Date: 11/2023
      Publisher: Word of Faith
      Book Length: 216 pages
      ISBN 13: 979-889850854-5-7

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