Speaking in Tongues - Who Me? - Book


This books answers many questions and objections people have about speaking in tongues, such as:

Did tongues pass away when we got the Bible?

Is speaking in tongues only for a few special Christians?

What's the purpose for speaking in tongues?

Is speaking in tongues talking to the devil?

Tongues are a part of standard biblical Christianity. But, like the entire plan of salvation, it isn't natural. It doesn't make sense to a person's intellect. Are you a part of the large number of Christians today who ask, "Is speaking in tongues for me?" If so, this book will help you answer that question with a resounding "Yes, you!"

  • Author: Bishop Keith A. Butler
  • Date: 9/2022
    Publisher: Word of Faith
    Book Length: 175 Pages
    ISBN 13: 9788985085419

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