Health is God's Way


It is clearly God’s will for you to be healed! This teaching is based on Romans 1:16 which says the Word of God is His supernatural ability made available to you. This is not a message against anything, but this is a message for following God’s processes for your good health. Of course, we will talk about what your attitude should be during the pandemic. God always wants you healed in your entire body, and He has provided several ways for everyone to receive healing through faith in His Word.

Never act in fear. Rather, always act in faith. Faith in the power of God heals and maintains good health in your body.  Faith in the Word of God is the power of God that will save your body. Be passionate about following the peace of God in everything you do. Then everything will be all right!!

Speaker: Bishop Keith A. Butler 

Date: 04/18/2021 


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