Getting Out of the Lions Den Alive

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Speaker: Bishop Keith A. Butler


 Angels have been involved in the earth since the Garden of Eden and will continue on assignment here. All through the Bible, men and women dealt with angels. Some had the benefit of their protection, others witnessed their wrath and many to their detriment, were killed by them. Angels have been assigned to the children of God. Are you talking to your angels? Are you giving them assignments? This is the hour for Christians to be spiritually alert and sharp. We're living in perilous times. Angels are ministering spirits sent to assist you and help you remain strong. Learn more about your angels. For instance, did you know they have rankings and specific assignments according to their rank? Listen closely to this message so you will be able to effectively take advantage of the benefits of your angels. Like Daniel, you may be thrown into the lion's den, but you can come out alive.

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