Five Elements of Faith - English/French


Living by faith is probably easier, but much more important than you realize. Did you know that without faith, it is impossible to please God? You can do a lot of good things, but God will not be pleased if you don’t operate in faith. Faith is more than an attitude; it is a lifestyle.

Five Elements of Faith presents faith – not as a doctrine – but as a way of life.

Have you ever wondered:

      • How can I get faith?
      • How do I put my faith to work?
      • Why is faith so important?
      • Why do some people have better results from faith than others?
      • How are faith and fear related?

If you feel problems have been overwhelming your thoughts and stealing your peace, this book is for you. If you want to live a victorious, overcoming life and please God in everything you do, this book is definitely for you!

  • Date: 2020
    E-Book Available in PDF, epub and mobi formats

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