How Things Work - Series


Pursuing God should be the goal of every Christian.  When we pursue Him, we can find out exactly how things work in this world.  Knowing that, we can work with God for winning and victory for ourselves and those around us. In this series, Bishop Butler gives a clear explanation of that.  You will discover that faith is learning God’s views and adopting them as your own, even to a point of standing for God when it seems that everyone else is not.  As you listen all the way through to the end you will discover that even in the midst of darkness, God’s plan is to have a huge harvest of souls.  Where will you be at the end of all this? If you study these principles and do them, you will be right in the middle of God’s perfect will as you help usher in that great harvest. 


Speaker: Bishop Keith A. Butler
Date: 06/13/2021


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